Oggetti Luce

Oggetti Luce was founded in 1975 by Robert and Nancy Frehling. The Frehlings were already operating Nessa Gaulois in Miami, one of the finest gift, accessory and bridal stores. Their retail exposure made them keenly aware of the preferences of affluent retail customers, as well as the needs of the store owner. This has informed their decision-making and product selection for Oggetti, keeping them always up-to-date and market-savvy. Originally, the entire collection was imported from Italy and marketed solely under the “Oggetti” trademark In fact, the word “oggetti” means “objects” in Italian and is used to describe accessories for the home. In 1980, Oggetti began a furniture division, using “Tavola” as the trade name under the Oggetti umbrella. And since then, Oggetti has added:

“Tavola Accessories,” a collection for the home, bath and office, using natural materials

“Gallery Collection,” representing artists’ work in glass in fine galleries

“Oggetti Luce,” comprising several collections of Italian glass lighting, including pendants, table lamps and torcheres, chandeliers, floor lamps and sconces.

As this expansion has occurred, Oggetti looked to other markets inside and outside of Italy, and today develops products in Sweden, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand. They search for a combination of design, quality, reliability of supply and value. Most of the suppliers are small craftsmen, and most of the materials are natural. The company is proud to promote their artists and their special talents. The collection is fluid, always changing with new finds and discoveries. While many people attempt to copy Oggetti, they do so without the name of the artist, with objects often noticeably less attractive and less affordable. Oggetti works closely with the artists and craftsmen and continually strives to represent the best to their discerning customers. Perfection, however, is created only in an industrial setting; objects made by hand from natural materials always leave a special imprint. The Frehlings continue relentlessly to search for these special products throughout the world and to present them to their customers.



Wall sources are a great way to decorate your home and create lighting at the same time. You will probably be able to find one that meets your standards and compliments your room’s decor. They offer lots of light to an area and are easy to install.

There's also directional lighting, which is lighting that adds detail and highlights to a certain area, object or decoration in the room. This kind of light fixture is set in a way that it points or directs the light on that particular object to illuminate it. Halogen lights and opaque shades are a good source of directional lighting.

If you have a certain area in a room where you do a lot of reading or work on a computer, you need to make sure that you have sufficient lighting. You may want to look at table lights or overhead lighting that offers a good source of light so that you can do your work productively. You do not have to sacrifice beauty and style for the sake of bright working lights. There are plenty of lighting accessories you can choose from that will accentuate your home.

In bedrooms, you want soft lighting to enhance your room's atmosphere because it's a place where you relax. You don't want bright lights glaring in your bedroom while you're trying to sleep. If you're someone who likes to read in bed, you should have some kind of lighting source that gives you enough light to read without hurting your eyes.

Fluorescent lights are great for utility rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and garages. They are energy-efficient and last for a long time, even outlasting regular light bulbs. You may want to use fluorescent lighting in hard-to-reach areas so that you do not have to change them often. 

Don’t forget natural lighting with windows and solar tubes, which offer an excellent source of natural light. For a more energy-efficient way to light your home, look for low voltage, energy star, and solar systems.