Wood offers beauty and elegance to any design. Wood is a natural material that will have a lot of shade variations, and just like cabinets, the colors and species vary from light to dark, soft pine to hard cherry. A solid wood countertop is a “living” product and requires maintenance. A wood top requires “food” in order to remain healthy and resistant. It is up to your temperament and everyday life to select whether an oil, soap or lacquer is the right choice of surface treatment. Wood tops offer a variety of edge treatments. A popular wood counter top manufacturer is Spekva.

Butcher Block Wood is readily available and is considered the right choice for a meat-cutting surface. A modern butcher block was developed in 1880s and was called The Sanitary Meat Block. Prior to this invention, butchers cut on tree rounds or a section of the tree. A popular wood used to make the butcher block is solid northern hard maple, beech or birch. Butcher block is very thick and known for its longevity and stability. Cleaning and maintaining butcher block is time consuming, but doing so will add to the life span and beauty. To clean the butcher block, use a sponge dipped in a mild solution of dish detergent and water and make sure you dry it thoroughly. Condition the butcher block with beeswax, or apply a thin coat of mineral oil. Oil the counter top once a month to avoid cracks and the top drying out. We recommend having the butcher block countertop sealed when installed to protect it from any water damage. Any router tool can create a pleasing edge for this countertop.