Concrete offers a smooth, warm look when combined with a more popular natural material like wood, stone or brick. Concrete would be an excellent choice for a countertop because of the strength, durability, and ability to be cast into just about any shape. Concrete is made of cement, lightweight aggregates and a combination of additives that can be pre-casted in your home or built in a shop before installation.

Concrete is available in endless colors by a staining process or integral color, or sometimes both. The edge choices for concrete can be standard or custom forms, and they can replicate any design by using molding products. Concrete can also be personalized with unique embedded items like pebbles, recycled glass and seashells. Sealing the concrete right away will help in preventing liquids and foods from penetrating the interior. After sealing, the concrete will be completely stain resistant.

Concrete is heat-resistant, but avoid placing hot pots or pans directly onto the concrete surface. Heat will damage or discolor the sealer applied to the concrete. Concrete will often crack because of drying shrinkage, and it is very common to find hairline cracks, but repair methods are available to disguise them.