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Wondering How To Improve Your Kitchen?

December 15, 2013

If you have been experiencing a vague sense of dissatisfaction with your home, your outdated kitchen may be the culprit. Installing new countertops is an excellent way to add sparkle and shine to any kitchen without breaking the bank. The home improvement specialists at Chris Mellon we offer the following advice on how to improve your kitchen counter tops by choosing quality countertops that can add the right amount of flair to your space at an affordable price. The Most Visible Part Of A Kitchen Counter tops are, without a doubt, the most visible part of your kitchen. Some may argue that the cabinets or appliances are what are noticed first, but your countertops actually set the tone for …

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Are You Stumped About How To Improve Your Bathroom?

December 06, 2013

Dingy shower curtains, outdated cabinets and chipped bathtubs and sinks may have you wondering just how to improve your bathroom. The good news is that today bathroom remodels are easier than ever. Chris Mellon provides professional bathroom remodeling services at affordable prices in Phoenix. Below are a few tips on how to improve the look and feel of your bathroom and increase the value of your home. Dig Deep The first recommendation for a bathroom remodel is to dig deep. This means that it is very important to take a concentrated look at what is under your bathroom. Whether it is a crawl space, sub-flooring, or a basement, a remodel is a great excuse to evaluate any plumbing issues that…

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Bathroom Remodel Ideas

November 28, 2013

Today’s bathrooms have transformed from small closet-sized rooms used just for personal hygiene into luxurious private sanctuaries within the home. If you live in an older home and are looking to remodel your outdated bathroom into something a little bit more modern, then these top bathroom remodel ideas from the experts at Chris Mellon may give you a good place to begin as you start the planning process. Big Showers Gone are the days of the bathtub and shower combination, at least in the master bathroom. Today’s bathrooms are boasting huge showers that could be considered rooms on their own. With floor-to-ceiling tile or walk-in areas, these new showers can make you feel as though you liv…

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