Jan 27, 2014

When you think of bathroom cabinet designs, you might not be aware of some of the exciting and innovative designs that are available for your upcoming bath remodel. While you’re designing and remodeling your bathroom, keep some of these ideas in mind to create a relaxing yet functional sanctuary right in your own home. For additional bathroom design ideas, contact the remodeling professionals at Chris Mellon.

Installing Next To A Wall

If you put your bathroom cabinets next to a wall, make sure that you place a filler between the wall and cabinets; otherwise you run the risk of drawers and doors rubbing against each other. If you find that a standard filler is too large for your needs, you can cut it down until it’s a better fit.

Pay Attention To Sink Location

When thinking about bathroom cabinet designs, remember that you can only place your sink over vanity bases and not cabinet banks or drawers. You’ll also want to keep in mind that an 18-inch vanity base more than likely won’t give you enough room to fit a sink on top. You’ll be better off with a vanity base that’s at least 24 inches.

Get Your Kicks And Fillers

Add a few well-placed toe kicks and fillers to your bathroom cabinet designs for a more elegant finish. Rope, fluted, and column fillers provide a stylish touch to your bathroom cabinets, and sleek, yet functional, toe kicks are offered in a variety of styles.

Use a little imagination and try something new when deciding on the cabinet designs for your bathroom remodeling project. Whether you are considering oak, maple, cherry, hickory, alder, pecan or laminate, Chris Mellon offers the right cabinets at the right price. Call 480.272.6586 today to learn more about the bathroom cabinet designs and remodeling products available at Chris Mellon.